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The Peak is our flagship motor moving a majority of the systems we automate. With 82lbs of torque, we’re moving 6 to 8 panels depending on panel size and manufacturer.

Peak Motor Specifications

Motor Dimension – 4 X 7-1/2  X 18
Usage –  In-Line or Equal Bi-Parts
HP -1/10
Volts – 24 DC
Torque – 81LBS

Control Box Specifications

Control Box Dimension – 7-1/2 X 7-1/2 X 4-1/2
UL Listed – 508A, 508C

Power Requirements – 110V/15Amp Dedicated Circuit

Plugs into a Standard Outlet with a 6′ Power Cord

Optional Built-in HardWire Connector

Amp Jumper from 4 to 8 Amps

Home Automation Connection – Dry Contacts

Battery Backup

Component Connection – RJ45

Key Control Box Features

Independent Forward & Reverse Speed Control

Acceleration/Deceleration Control

Ramp Down Speed Control

Eco Brake Software

Self Close Software

Auto Open Software

Manual Lock Detection

Two Step Safety Feature

Single “Super Cable” Communication

Maximum Distance From Motor – 100 FT

Touchscreen Kit

The high-resolution touchscreen replaces the standard interior switch with some style. The screen times out to black after 25 seconds and illuminates with a touch. Easily navigate through the system operation, special features, and diagnostic screens. The perfect upgrade with a sleek modern look.

Wave Sensor

When the auto-open feature is enabled, the system can be controlled by our new Wave Sensor. When you wave your hand across the sensor, the door will fully open, pause for 5 seconds, then close and lock behind you.

The Apex

The Apex is for corner units or unequal bi-parts. Basically two peak systems with a communication cable toggling both control boxes to coordinate the open and the close. At 82lbs of torque per motor, we’re moving 6-8 panels per side on a 90 degree or bi-parting system.

The Everest

The Everest is our largest motor at 150lbs of torque moving massive door panels. The Everest is designed to move systems over 50′ in length and an unlimited amount of panels. Before Everest, any system over 50′ would have to be a bi-part, and you’d have to use two motors. Not anymore.!.


The FMS is our big retrofit motor perfect for concrete or post to post construction. If there’s no room for the motor the FMS bolts directly onto the head track and is the perfect solution to any limited space installation issues.

Our Apex System on a big 90 Degree Fleetwood in LA.

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