Premier Door & Window Automation Systems.

Peak Motor

The Peak Motor stands as our premier motor model, powering a significant portion of the automated systems we offer. With an impressive 82lbs of torque, this motor effortlessly moves 6 to 8 panels, depending on the size and manufacturer specifications of each panel.

Peak Motor Specifications:

  • Motor Dimension – 4 X 7-1/2  X 18
  • Usage –  In-Line or Equal Bi-Parts
  • HP -1/10
  • Volts – 24 DC
  • Torque – 81LBS

Apex Motor

The Apex Motor is designed for corner units or unequal bi-parts, featuring two peak systems controlled by a communication cable that synchronizes the opening and closing operations. With an impressive torque of 82lbs per motor, this system can smoothly move 6 to 8 panels per side in a 90-degree or bi-parting configuration.

Everest Motor

Our Everest motor boasts an impressive 150lbs of torque, specifically engineered for effortlessly moving large door panels. Designed to handle systems exceeding 50 feet in length and an unlimited number of panels, Everest eliminates the need for a bi-part system and the use of multiple motors. Say goodbye to those limitations!

FMS Motor

Our FMS retrofit motor is the ideal choice for concrete or post-to-post construction projects. When space is limited, the FMS offers a unique solution – it can easily bolt directly onto the head track. Say goodbye to installation challenges with the versatile FMS motor.

Our Apex System on a big 90 Degree Fleetwood in LA

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